lunedì 28 maggio 2012

Layer Manager 1.3 for Blender 2.63a

This is the 1.3 version of the script Layer Manager.

Change Log:
-Layer Group Manager

Enjoy this version, you can download from this link.

To install the Addon, go in Blender User Preference and on Addons section and press "Install Addon...".

If you have request or question please, comment the post.

Alfonso Annarumma

2 commenti:

  1. Hi, what does the Layer group manager do? Can't figure it out.

    1. For example, if you have more layer (house, tree, car etc...), you can create a groups:
      - house with tree and sun light
      - house with car and night light
      - car with tree and cloudy light
      - etc....
      Than you can active manage this group.