sabato 19 maggio 2012

Layer Manager 0.8 for Blender 2.63a

0.8 is the most stable version.
Only change of the graphics.

How the script work:
- Lock Camera and Layer: is a Blender option, if you toggle, you can modify the layer visibility for each single 3dView
- All Visible/Isolate, help you to make visible all the layer or, to isolate only the layer active  (with the green mark)
- Hide Empty, hide the row of the layer without objects
- Show Options, hide/show, the options on the left for each row.

Option on single layer:
- Eye, show/hide the visibility of the layer
- Text form, you can write a name of the layer
- Arrow, select/deselect all the object on the layer
- Lock/Unlock, hide the select of the objects on the layer
- Move selected objects on the layer, if you press Shift when you click, the object keep the position of the previous layer

Enjoy this version, you can download from this link.

To install the Addon, go in Blender User Preference and on Addons section and press "Install Addon...".
Then search Layer Name in the addon and active it pressing on the checkbox.

If you have request or question please, comment the post.

Alfonso Annarumma

2 commenti:

  1. Richiesta di funzionalità, quando si blocca un livello visibile aggiungere una opzione per cambiare in un colorato wire-frame.

    Grazie per l'Add-on sua forma più utile per la mia scena.


    Feature request, when locking a visible layer add a option to change it to a coloured wire-frame.

    Thanks for the Add-on its most useful in my scene.

  2. Sorry, but I'm not a developer, for colored wire is need a feature in the blender code. It is in the wish list in the Google Summer Of Code.